The amazing bull shark season in Playa del Carmen is on!  

They will be here only until March...

One of the most amazing, unique and memorable underwater encounters you can have. For certified divers only. 

Can you afford to miss it?

    Dive with the Bull Sharks 


Our maximum ratio instructor to diver is 4:1. You will always be well looked after with personalized service. Safety is always first!

Small Groups Only

Let's dive with the majestic Bull Sharks of Playa del Carmen 

Here at Jaguar Divers Playa del Carmen we want to offer you the best scuba diving in the Riviera Maya.
The bull sharks seasonal event is a dive you will not forget.

All our gear is from top brands,  well maintained and reliable. We make sure you only get the best.  

Top Quality Equipment

Our rates include equipment, boat and marine park fees,  snacks, drinks and personalised training 

All Inclusive Rates

You can’t miss it!

Let us know your dates and we will arrange everything for you. With over 10 years of experience in the Riviera Maya, we will organise the best shark diving you could wish for. 

We will take you to the best spot for sharks in Playa del Carmen and make your day amazing.

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 Probably the best combination of ocean diving you can think off. 

Start the day with the legendary Cozumel marine park for 2 dives .

Then let's head to the adrenaline encounter of up to 12 mature bull sharks. Finishing the day with a calm reef dive in Playa. 

We will return at around 4pm with some amazing diving memories

Gold Tour 

1 Shark Dive + 1 Dive in Playa Local Reefs from
 $3,150 pesos 

Platinum Tour 

1 Shark Dive + 2 in Cozumel & 1 on the Local Reefs from $7000 pesos

 One deep dive at Shark Point where we will encounter this majestic creatures.  Then a second dive in Playa del Carmen's local reefs.

We believe wild animals behaviour should not be altered and so we do shark observation dives only. We don't and will never feed them. 


What our customers say

Very friendly and professional team. They put safety above all, the rental gear is new and of good quality and they know all the best spots to dive around the Riveira Maya. I spent a week with them and I loved it. Highly recommended! 


San Francisco, 2021

   Dive With Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen

    in Playa del Carmen